We are pleased to announce that as plan partners we have come to agreement on the provisions in the Agreement in Principle.
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Employers, Unions and Associations

The Municipal Pension Plan is a joint trusteeship that represents both employees and employers. The proposed changes will affect employers in three main ways:

  1. Simplify the administration and management of the pension plan with a single approach to contribution rates and accrual rates (except for Group 2);
  2. Maintain or decrease their costs associated with the plan; and
  3. Continue to provide employees with a high-quality and competitive pension plan.

To learn more about the specifics for employers, please click on the presentation, FAQs or visit the fast facts for each of the groups within the plan.

Fast Facts

(Group 1)

For fast facts related to general membership.

(Group 2/5)

For fast facts related to public safety membership.

Rate Stabilization Account Changes

Plan partners are proposing to lift the cap to allow the RSA to grow through investment returns and surplus.

Employer Questions

Public Safety Employers

General Membership - General Questions

Time/Timing Questions


Early Retirement, Bridge Benefit and Rule of 90 Questions

Contribution Rate Questions

Health benefit trust questions


FAQs for Public Safety Employees

Group 5

Group 2

Retired Public Safety Members

If you are a retired member, please visit the Retired Members page  for more information